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Mohit Goel has listed himself amongst the most talked about entrepreneurs in the country and whilst he founded the company “Ringing Bell Pvt. Limited” in the year 2016, he made his own space amongst the big bunch. He along with his wife Dhaarna, who was also the CEO of Ringing bells pvt. ltd, started the firm with lots of high hopes and ambitions. While Mohit goel himself became the director of the company, he eventually became the most successful entrepreneurs in the country after the launch of world’s cheapest smart phone named freedom 251. The phone was launched under the flag ship of ringing bells pvt. ltd and which was established in 2016 by Mohit goel. Ringing bells launched the smart phone worldwide and within just few days of its launch, it got around 7 million orders from the people across the country. Mohit Goel Freedom is a leading name in Industry.

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Right after the launch of freedom 251 Smartphone, Mohit Goel became a household name; His idea of bringing the cheapest and efficient Smartphone to the people of this country inspired millions in the process. He was been quoted as the inventor of a New age ideology where even the poorest of the people can afford a smart phone in their hand. Within just few days of its company in the smart phone market and they received more than 7 million bookings within just a few days of launch. He also launched another company with the name, which emerged as a leading dry fruit provider, whole seller, distributor, exporter, and importer of Dry fruits, walnuts, and spices across the globe.

Mohit Goel freedom and his wife dhaarna worked really hard towards bringing this dream into reality with all the hard work and business acumen in the process. They even have to take financial help from banks and financial institutions and felt like giving up at times. Still it was all up to their gut feeling and immense confidence, they eventually achieved what they were looking for and the establishment of Ringing bells pvt ltd was a part of the same process.

Mohit Goel has always worked with the best intention of bringing the world of goods to the people around and he managed to do the same after the launch of Ringing bells pvt ltd. Not only had he brought up the world’s cheapest smart phone for everyone around, he infused a ray of hope to those small businessmen who have almost given up on their ambitious dreams. For Mohit goel latest news

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We are passionate and committed in heart and mind to what we do. Our core people work around the clock coming up with ideas.

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