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World’s healthiest spices you need in your kitchen today

When you reach your spice rack in the kitchen you not only enhance the flavor of food but also get a boost of antioxidants which will help in protecting your body against free radicals. Spices have always been important and are also known for their outstanding medicinal properties.

Just a little sprinkle of cinnamon in your morning coffee, as well as a handful of fresh chopped basil over pasta, can do wonders for your health. Everyone is aware that spices and herbs can add instant taste to your food but at the same time, they also do a lot for your health. Here are some of the amazing health benefits of spices that you should be aware of.

Even Mohit Goel, the managing director of, one of the leading names in the world of dry fruits and spices, stated, “Spices holds utmost importance in one’s life and I can’t go a day without having a spicy curry at my home. That said, I cannot imagine my life without a hint of spices in my food”

Mohit Goel ProfileCinnamon ideal for lowering blood sugar

It is one of the famous spices which comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree and is used in almost all food items while cooking. This spice is ideal for people suffering from high blood sugar as it is capable of lending a sweet taste to the food without the need of adding sugar. Due to this reason, it is known to lower the blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Mohit Goel also said that, ” Even though it is not the replacement for diabetes medicine but can be one of the helpful additions to a healthy lifestyle”.

Mohit Goel WikiTurmeric helpful in fighting inflammation

It is one of the important ingredients used in almost all Indian dishes. Turmeric is very helpful in easing inflammation, treating depression as well as slowing cancer due to its high curcumin which is one of the powerful antioxidants. As per Mohit Goel, turmeric is very helpful in treating a wide range of health problems right from minor toothaches, arthritis, and diabetes to heart disease.



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Cayenne Pepper

Including cayenne pepper in your diet can help in giving your weight loss efforts a tiny boost. It contains capsaicin which is one of the compounds known for giving fresh chiles and spices their kick. Therefore, cayenne pepper is known for improving your body’s metabolic rate as well as assists in burning calories. It is also capable of stimulating your brain chemicals that help to tame hunger.



Mohit Goel BiographyGarlic

Garlic works wonder for your body. It is a strong-smelling bulb which is often added while cooking to enhance the flavor of food. Eating garlic can help to protect your heart from various heart diseases.

As per the research, it was revealed that the intake of garlic can benefit women to a great extent as it keeps the blood vessels flexible. Mohit Goel also quotes garlic as a superfood as it also helps to reduce triglycerides as well as cholesterol.


Mohit Goel WikiGinger

Ginger is known around the world for easing a queasy stomach; soothe morning sickness and also nausea from chemotherapy or surgery. Due to its incredible benefits, many people consumer ginger for motion sickness. Ginger is a powerhouse of gingerols and also inflammation-fighting compounds that are very beneficial in fighting against cancer and reduces the pain of osteoarthritis.

Therefore, these are some of the species that have amazing health benefits.

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